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Palazzo del Sol :

Welcome to the Fisher Island new developments - Palazzo Della Sol and and Palazzo Della Luna.  Palazzo Della Sol is already built and there are 7 residences left to be sold.   Palazzo Della Luna is under construction and will be completed Summer of 2019.  Palazzo Della Sol and  Palazzo Della Luna was meticulously designed to honor the legacy of Fisher Island.  The sprawling 10 story  50 and 60 residence, Kobi Karp designed Palazzo pays tribute to the Island's historic Mediterranean style Vanderbilt Mansion.  With an unrivaled range of amenities and privileges available to residents, the Palazzo boast stunning interiors throughout by Champalimaud Design, and is set within tropical gardens and outdoor spaces designed by world renowned Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea.  Check out my film clip below and experience Fisher Island living. 


Over the years, I have been asked by countless clients what makes Fisher Island so expensive, so special and so exclusive. So, I decided to publish this article to answer those questions and educate readers.

Today, Fisher Island is an exotic, uber-exclusive island that represents one of the wealthiest zip codes in the entire country, but it wasn’t that long ago that it was merely a wedge of land in Biscayne Bay filled with mangroves and coconut palms. And, although most people have heard of Fisher Island, many are probably not familiar with exactly what it represents and how it came to be the exquisite tropical island that it is today. So, I want to tell you a little about today’s Fisher Island and the history of how it became so.

About Today’s Fisher Island

Fisher Island is a super-exclusive, 216-acre tropical island situated off the southern tip of Miami Beach. The island offers a truly-unique sense of tranquility, allowing you to be leisurely secluded in tropical paradise surrounded by lush landscaping, natural foliage and bay breezes and stunning views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami skyline.

Although the island is quite small, it is prestigious for a reason…it has shockingly luxurious and unparalleled amenities that include more than just the breathtaking views. Fisher Island features the Fisher Island Club that is situated in the heart of the island and offers members and guests the absolute finest residential and recreational amenities in the country as it is the most exclusive club and residence in Florida. The Club offers a private tropical oasis with world-class resort amenities such as a private beach, seaside golf, Mediterranean-inspired tennis, luxury spa, fitness center, exquisite beach club and marina, luxury hotel accommodations and unparalleled services. The island also offers several high-end restaurants.

Adding to the uber exclusiveness of the island is the fact that it is only accessible by a passenger vehicle ferry service (24-hour), a private yacht, or private helicopter. And, although you can bring your car onto the island by ferry, you do not use it do get around the island. The primary mode of transportation around the island are golf carts.

Who lives here?

There are roughly 700 families who own property on Fisher Island, but this does not mean they live on the island year round. There are several hundred families that do live on the island full time; however, most families use their luxury Fisher Island home as merely their 2nd, 3rd or 4th vacation home.